The Okinawa-Churaumi-Aquarium (Japanese: Beautiful Sea Aquarium) is one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world. Approximately 2 million visitors are drawn into its realms annually, and it’s one of the most modern aquariums in the world, showcasing 77 tanks including a reef tank and deep-sea basin. However, one tank really stands out amongst the others, and that’s the main basin.

It can hold up to 7,500,00 liters of water, and offers a gigantic panoramic window. This window can not only withstand the hydraulic pressure caused by almost 8 million liters of liquid, it’s also earthquake-proof to boot.

You wouldn’t believe the sheer variety of species you could find in this tank. Aside from a multitude of smaller fish, the tank plays host to manta rays and -hold on to your seats – whale sharks. Yes, whale sharks – also known as the biggest fish in the sea. There are only three other aquariums on this planet that also house whale sharks.

This tank is in one word, huge. It has a height of 10m, which is of the utmost importance as whale sharks only feed in a vertical position. For the record, the largest one in there is currently 7,5m long, and it’s not even fully grown yet! The oldest whale shark in the tank is 12 years old, and it can still live up to another 90 years longer. These gentle giants usually eat up to 8% of their body mass weekly – that’s ¼ tons of feed, in case you were wondering.

One of the travel destinations on my bucket list is this aquarium. Oh, what I would give just to look through this gigantic window into a whole other world!