The German Classics is the sailing event of the year. Once a year, fans of sailing come together from all over the world to celebrate their beloved sport at the Baltic Sea Spa. Cult label Gaastra is the main sponsor of this event, and they’ve designed a unique polo shirt exclusively for the German Classics. This year, the German Classics took place from 20 to 23 August, and ended only yesterday. I

The elite fashion brand, Gaastra, has supported the sailing event with its tailored collections since 2008. Their “German Classics” special edition pieces are must-haves, even for those not at the sailing regatta. You should get your hands on this year’s piece before it sells out! As a limited edition piece it is, of course, highly coveted. This year, the designers settled on a soft green colour, and added mounted embroidery on the breast and sleeves. The emblem “German Classics Klassiker Regatta Gaastra” is clearly visible, showing off the sport event that these polo shirts have been dedicated to.

You can’t go wrong with this sporty yet elegant polo shirt. Gaastra really knows what it’s doing with the mint green and navy blue colours!

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