While there are numerous opportunities for women to assemble an outfit that lets out their inner sailor, this, unfortunately, does not go for men as well. Women are offered tops, t-shirts, sweaters, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and even stockings in trendy blue and white designs – the result is playful outfits that give a whole new meaning to the sailor look. The maritime outfit has become an integral part in the wardrobe of the sporty elegant lady. On the other hand, her male partner will have a little more difficulty, as he’s only got tops and pants to play around with. Here, I’d like to show you how to throw a sailor sweater into the mix.

The upper body can be dressed up easily – in addition to the striped sweater, you can pull on, for example, a sporty polo shirt with nautical embroidery or a checkered shirt in maritime colors. Choosing matching pants is a little more difficult. Jeans can quickly destroy the casual look of the tops. As a result, maritime shorts are the best option of completing your outfit.

Lightweight materials and appropriate colors define these shorts. Pick from navy blue, red or white. You can even combine these three colors in a uniform look, so that the colours that appear on your upper half are mirrored in your lower body. Individual details further intensify the sailor look of the pants, such as stripes on the seam or anchor motifs on the pocket buttons. Armor Lux (pictured below) and Topman (pictured above) lead the way – blue shorts are definitely integral in the wardrobe of any modern, fashion-conscious man!

Further Info: www.armorlux.comde.topman.com