Rockabillies love them, these sailor suits. The classic version flatters the wearer’s feminine side while adding touches of sensuality and the maritime charm of the sailor. These designs exude a very playful retro charm and, in my opinion, every woman should have at least one of them in her wardrobe. Aside from the tapered and seductive cutting, it’s the fresh details and creative accents that make this classic piece an eye-catcher.

The sailor suit has a very unique charm that draws attention to the wearer, and you’ll need a healthy dose of confidence to pull it off. However, once you’ve put one on, you’ll never want to take it off again! Several dominant features, which have been copied from the original sailor suit, define the look of the dress.

Of course, the colour of the dress is usually a typical navy blue – however, nowadays you can also find versions that are boldly red or innocently white, combined with blue. In addition to that, the models are often either widened with the help of a petticoat or possess a slim cut. Both versions give rise to a seductive effect and underline the feminine silhouette at the waist.

Two other co-colours are often found alongside the base colour, and their job is to add highlights. You can usually find them decorating the waistline or the area that lies between bosom and straps. Heart-shape cleavage and sailor collars are but some additional elements, along with bows, which refine the image and round off the retro character of the sailor suit.

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