We are often blessed with beautiful beach shots of the athletic and gorgeous Cameron Diaz. Unlike many, she can really rock that bikini and we all are left thinking, how does she do it? And as if she heard our hidden thoughts, she gave us three tips on how to look your best at the beach.

  1. Cameron Diaz’ Diet

Food isn’t always food. Just because you can chew and swallow it doesn’t mean it belongs into your body. That’s her philosophy in a nutshell. Diaz swears by clean and whole food sources that don’t contain flavor enhancers or preservatives. She’s also a firm believer of embracing the hunger and appetite! Yes, you heard it right. Cameron Diaz is of the opinion that to maintain a healthy lifestyle and rock a great body you don’t have to starve! Whenever you body signals that it’s hungry, give in but do not reach for fast food, reach for nutritional food sources that will actually benefit your body!

  1. Cam Diaz on her fitness

We all know her rock hard abs and flawless body despite her age. That is due to her daily workout. The funny thing though is the fact that she wasn’t always that way. She only discovered fitness for herself during her mid-twenties. She was preparing for a role when her trainer told her that her new best friend would be pain for the next months. She stated that during the first few weeks she felt like dying. But she overcame this period and experienced a rather new feeling afterwards: She felt like a superhero. To her, fitness and workout routines shouldn’t be regarded as something you have to do, it’s something you can opt for because it will most definitely bring only benefits for your body and soul.

  1. The right mindset

The third and most important tip for a good performance on the beach is to believe in yourself. That might sound corny and cheesy, but it is so important. Diaz has always been an advocate of loving yourself first. It’s the connection between body and mind that brings out your inner goddess and I believe that’s the purest and most honest message anyone could ever bring out into the world.

Image: © Dan Doan