This post goes out to all of the boys and girls with a sweet tooth. I personally am a real lover of everything sweet, not necessarily all day long but from time to time and often enough. However, in order to achieve my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle I had to look for good and clean alternatives with which I could replace industrially produced sweets with lots of sugar. And one day I stumbled across something that is so simple and yet so ingenious: frozen grapes. In their normal state they’re already a delight but once frozen they’re incredible! A wonderful refreshing, cooling treat for hot summer days and so easy to “make”: Just pop them in a zip lock and into the freezer. A couple of hours later you’re left with a cooling and sweet snack.

The best thing: Grapes are practically fat-free and in comparison to their blue and red companions, they contain less fructose but also less antioxidants. Grapes also have a reputation of containing next to no cholesterol and sodium, while they provide a lot of potassium and zinc. The latter helps with the formation of new tissue and ameliorates the functionality of our hearts. Thanks to Vitamin K and B1, green grapes also help stabilizing our bones.

So as you can see, grapes do not only taste like cool heaven but are incredibly good for us! On top of that, this light snack may help us lose weigh. Beach bodies, here we come!

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