I think we can all agree that there are only a few small downsides to a trip to the beach. You usually associate tanning, beach bodies, sunshine and much needed rest with the beach. The one thing that bothers almost every beach lover is the vast amount of sand that seems to get everywhere! It sticks to your body, later to your clothes and ultimately ends up on your floor and carpet at home.

What if I told you there is one miracle product, small and compact, for you to bring with that will prevent all of this mess?

Baby Powder is the way to go!

Baby Powder acts similar to a dry shampoo in the sense that it absorbs excess oil and any moisture on the skin. When you’re ready to head home, take a pinch of baby powder and sprinkle it on legs and feet and the powder will absorb all of the sweat and salt water, the bad boys that are responsible for the sand sticking to your skin. After that you’ll be able to wipe off all of the remaining sand.

Talking about a must-have product to bring to the beach.

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