Today’s nail tutorial shows a bold and fun neon design that will guarantee you curious looks during the holidays.


You’ll need


1x coral colored polish
1x black polish
1x dotting tool or a nail art brush

Step 1
For today’s design I opted for one of my most loved colors: China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. Of course you can use whatever color you like, the main requirement is that it’s fun and bright.

Step 2
When the base is nice and dry, take your nail art brush or dotting tool and start on the palm trunk. Keep in mind that the trunk usually gets wider on the way down.

Step 3
Paint branches on the trunk and arrange them evenly. Feel free to look up pictures of real life palm trees to use as inspiration.

Step 4
The last step is the most time-consuming but not necessarily the hardest. All you need is patience and a steady hand. Take your brush or a thin dotting tool and paint little strokes that point upwards onto the branches. Repeat this step until the branches are completely covered. You can place a little bird next to the palm tree to balance the picture out and that is practically it for today!

Images: ©Readthetrieb