Many people think that men don’t have to worry about their hands or their finger nails at all. But most women are immediately turned off when they see men with crusty and dirty hands which is why I am going to show you  how to do your own manly manicure at home to make you appear more attractive.

Step 1:
Every man should take care of their hands by using hand cream once in a while. This will make your skin soft and will get rid of any dry spots and crusty pieces of skin.

Step 2:
Men’s finger nails are a huge topic for us women, which is why it is recommended to shorten and shape them using a nail file as well as remove all of the dirt underneath your nails.

Step 3:
To make your skin feel especially soft, it really helps to use a peeling, that will remove any dead skin. A peeling like that you can easily make at home by only using a little bit of salt and a few drops of olive oil. Mix both ingredients together and rub the mixture on to your hands. Rise everything off afterwards and enjoy your baby soft hands.