Located in the heart of Berlin, necktie factory Auerbach is known for its exclusive designs. Ties, handkerchiefs and bow-ties are handmade in this studio situated between Alexanderplatz and Oranienburger Straße. Exclusive, unique pieces are created. These “made in Berlin” accessories are exclusive and unique, making them indispensable to the urban gentleman.

They have a long and rich history to look back upon – in 1912, the fashion house Auerbach presented their first creations for the gentleman. Fine silk from Italy and France ensures an unbeatable quality.

The company was founded by a Jewish trader, Ildefons Auerbach. He soon won over many men of the 20th century, including celebrities. His clientele were impressed by the precision and the chicness of his work. Bow-tie and tie became a must-have, and even Kurt Tucholsky and Erich Kästner were drawn in by the charm of the elegant accessories.

Since its foundation, Auerbach has defined the elegance of man. Based in one of the most vibrant cities of Europe, this company continues to uphold their original values even today.

Further Info: www.galerieslafayette.de/auerbach-berlin, www.facebook.com/auerbach