Burton Menswear surpasses itself once again! This London label’s new summer line has everything that the modern man needs. Attending a fine occasion? Getting through a rainy day in the city? That’s no problem at all!

The spectrum of variety is broad, but quality remains consistent throughout. Each piece has an orderly appearance. Colourful raincoats in a maritime style bring a casual style to the table while remaining practical. Combine it with a pair of loose-fit jeans and voilà, you’ve got yourself a casual sailor!

Those who prefer something more urban should take a look at the minimalistic and sportily designed bomber jackets, shirts and backpacks. A metropolitan look arises thanks to the geometric prints, and their minimalistic and smart appearance lets them fit in perfectly on the busy streets.

What about if you have to (or want to) look a little bit fancier? Elegant suits and three-piece suits in fresh blue shades are also up for grabs in the collection. Narrow cuts and figure-hugging forms convey a flawlessly modern and tasteful appearance.

But of course, all these different styles can also be wildly combined among themselves! This way, you can emanate a particularly distinctive stylistic finesse!

Further Info: burton-menswear.com