Pimp my car? More like pimp my outfit! And no accessory can do that so easily or so quickly as a bag will. Of course, not just any random bag will do – it has to be the right one! Different outfits, looks and seasons require different bags. And while we women are known for spending plenty of time obsessing over shoes, it’s the bags that we tend to spend a little more money on!

Timeless models often reach unbelievable sales figures for a reason – a good bag will stay by your side your entire life. However, seasonal pieces are the ones that make our hearts pitter-patter rapidly.

Michael Kors’ new bags focuses on both these things – they aim to stay timeless while playing to seasonal trends. These past few years have been good to Michael Kors, with the brand’s bags and watches being spotted everywhere and on everyone. The models from the Jet Set and Izzy line have been out in the world since last year, and this year another line takes the spotlight. The Selma line bags have the same cult factor as the other two collections: their designs are timeless but current, and various sizes are being launched in new colors in this summer. Transform any simple ensemble into a real eye-catcher with delicate rose, intense blue or bright turquoise!

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