Summertime is when everything changes – life is somehow easier and less complicated. This tranquility shows itself in the nonchalant steps of passers-by, as well as the joyful grins on their faces. We’re only missing one thing – some stylishness to go along with this summertime sereness. On that note, I’d like to introduce: Mara Hoffman!

Based in New York, this designer’s lust for life shines through her collections. Her creations reveal her passion, and the summer collection exhibits an especially thrilling and sweeping style that leads us into adventures in far-off lands. Each piece tells a different story: one speaks of feminity; another speaks of foreign and exotic cultures.

The soft silhouettes are combined with artful prints, with different motifs from nature to be found on the garments. These include, for example, floral blossoms, sunsets, or colourful birds. Geometric prints are also a highlight, with neon colors delivering a joyful look to the collection’s dresses, blouses, skirts, tops and pants. Last but not least is a swimwear line that guarantees endless envious glances on the beach.

The cheerful color scheme revolves around neon, pastel and black and white, and the flowing, feminine shapes to be found in this line ensures that it has become one of my favorites for this summer. I guarantee you a fabulous range of trendy combinations!

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