Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in Ischgl: mountains, valleys, waters, winter, snow, and skiing. Well, you’re barking up the wrong tree! Ischgl in the height of summer is very different from the wintery Ischgl that everybody knows of. But just because there’s no snow doesn’t mean there’s nothing else going on!

Talk about an exciting weekend! The legendary Cart Trophy took place in Ischgl this year, bringing with it an avalanche of celebrities, firms, members of the press and cameramen. Having previously attended this event twice, I knew it was going to be great just like before. There’s always something new each time!! Together with my fellow Playmates Miri, Tanja and Nadin, we competed for team Playboy. The girls were a little scared, as they had zero karting experience. However, this changed very quickly after the first training session. We had brought our men along with us, and thanks to them we had a very merry time throughout the entire event. If it were possible that one can develop abs from laughing, I’d have a six-pack now!

Our team leader, Rene, was a very nice guy who treated us (and our little wounds) very well. This year, they had implemented a new rule separating the rating classes for men and women. Before that, we had been all mixed on the racetrack, and honestly, I had been pretty scared because the men tended to be brutal drivers.

The first day brought pure sunshine. We sweated profusely in our racing suits and would have loved to jump into the pool, but we didn’t have that much time. We trained eagerly and became more and more courageous after each round. After all, we didn’t want to end up last in the rankings! That evening, we took the cable car up the mountains to a restaurant where we enjoyed a huge buffet.

Well-fed and sleepy, we went to bed to get our beauty rest for tomorrow’s training. Unfortunately, the next day brought rain with it. The ensuing spectacle on the racetracks would have reminded you of ballet dancers doing pirouettes: the karts glided over the asphalt, one crash followed by another. There were even some minor accidents in the men’s category, in which my Oliver was driving. The faces of some “celebrities” had become more and more anxious – they had been kinda stuck-up the day before, but now they were just as scared as we amateurs were. But giving up was not an option – we had to press on regardless!

The award ceremony took place in the evening – and we didn’t come in last! Yay! So then, it was time for us to do what we’d wanted to do all along: we jumped in the pool while wearing our racing suits. Following that we went to a party in the hut, where we all celebrated exuberantly and drank copiously. I can tell you that the girls and the men are all fired up for next year’s event! Once you taste blood, you’ll always want more!

Oh, that was great. We had so much fun! I even brought home a souvenir from Ischgl: a big fat bruise on my thigh and the earworm “Biste braun, kriegste Frau’n!”.

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Image Source: Mia Gray, Oliver Kobs