The Classico Lady Luna for him and her truly pays tribute to the august beauty of the moon.

The classic timekeeping piece Classico Luna draws inspiration from the moon in a rather unusual way. The Classico Luna is similar to the Moonstruck, in that they were both designed to show the phases of the moon accurately and realistically. The Classico Luna also shows the 12-hour rotation of the moon around the earth, which is situated in the center of the timekeeper. Within the 30-day lunar cycle, the lunar disc changes colors in synchronisation with the waning or waxing moon.

The Classico Lady Luna also sports a self-winding mechanism that simplifies the reading of the different lunar phases, adjustable via a tiny button. The classically sleek form of the watch has been paired with an elegant white nacre clock face and an hour hand epitomising the sun. The Classico Lady Luna exudes a truly unique glamour! You can also opt for the version with a diamond-studded lunette, which is an even more authentic display of the mystical feminine magic of the moon.

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