Napapijri is the label for all those who love an active lifestyle. Their collections are a pleasing blend of fashion and functionality, and bring beauty and comfort to every situation. Napapijri stands for a life that is constantly in motion; it stands for an adventurous and courageous heart that yearns to see the world.

Their style is best described as sporty and active, yet original and up-to-date. The male line is perfect for the man who knows exactly what he wants out of fashion and life. Regardless of the situation – be it mountain climbing, hiking or exploring an urban metropolis, the pieces never lose their nifty charm. The best thing about them? They’re dynamic and flexible pieces of fashion, and they’ll accompany you wherever life decides to take you.

Sporty elements have been smartly paired with a touch of nonchalance, giving rise to modern looks of leisure. I for one would describe this as luxurious alpine fashion. The classic T-shirt is and will remain the cornerstone of summertime fashion, and in this collection it’s available in a whole host of colors and prints, common and uncommon. Staples that make up a typical Napapijri outfit are shorts in a jogging or denim style, as well as jackets. The windbreaker jacket is a piece that will round off your entire look rather nicely, regardless of the weather. White is the colour that dominates and delivers a touch of chic – it’s best paired with blue or red pieces, resulting in a maritime look!

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