Who would have thought that Birkenstock footwear would become a fashionable classic? Recently, the leather sandals from Birkenstock have become the most beautiful and fashionable way of rounding off an outfit. Not only do Birkenstock offer superbly high quality and the greatest comfort, the sandals are also available in many trendy variants: both the colours and the forms are available in a wide and diverse range of designs! I’ve already found my favourite pair – what about you?

Of all things, there is a considerable variety regarding the number and locations of the leather straps. First you’ve got the classic sandals with two straps, followed by the modern Birkenstock with three or four straps. I’ve fallen in love with the open designs, whose classic charm and distinctive look left an everlasting impression in my eyes.

In terms of colours, I think their creations look best in black, as these will cautiously complete every single look. But if you want a pair of Birkenstock in your favourite colour, you’ll be sure to find it, be it turquoise, red, or even the trendy metallic colors of the current collections! The array of colours thus make the Birkenstock sandal an indispensable shoe for the hip urban fashionista.

Birkenstocks are the shoe for him as well as for her. Men can also discover a fashionable alternative to the boring sandals and flip flops of yore. Even here, you’ll find that the possibilities number a great many!

More Info: www.birkenstock.com