Summer season is when you literally absorb the very essence of life and cheerfulness through your sunbathing skin! Well, unfortunately we haven’t seen much of the sun lately. However, the weather forecast is saying that by the end of this week, we can finally see the Sun Goddess smile again. This is why we prepared a variety of makeup looks for you which will turn you into a Sun Goddess yourself! Look forward to delicate, pastel shades on your eyes and lips.

Neon colors are perfect for summer because they make everyone look a lot more tan. Especially light colors create a strong contrast between your skin color and the color of your nails, which is why I have a look for you today, that is not only neon, but also a very light and therefore discreet shade as well.

Step 1:
Apply one coat of base coat to all of your nails to protect them from any discoloration.

Step 2:
Apply the nail polish in the color ‘622 – remember me‘ by p2 to all of your nails. Although this blue shade is rather light and pastel, it is still bright and makes your nails stand out and look sexy.

Step 3:
Lastly apply a top coat to all of your nails to seal in your manicure.

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