Nothing screams “summer” like a traditional African robe. You’ve definitely seen them around before: these wonderfully colourful and fancifully patterned dresses draw frequent admiration, even here on the streets of Berlin.

It’s always a wonderful feeling to see someone showing off their culture proudly – and that certainly goes for the spring and summer collection 2015 of the label Miranda Konstantinidou. Intensive colours and extravagant patterns provide a lively and explosive style, with colourful, light and airy creations that would make an exotic diva out of any grey mouse. I would hazard a guess that the designer of this collection has drawn some inspiration from exotic butterflies – the expansive patterns remind me of the colourful variety of butterfly wings and flowers. The artistic and randomly interwoven forms are complete and organic in a way that only Mother Nature herself could achieve.

Even in terms of materials and cuts, the creations underscore a self-confident elegance influenced by the lightness of nature. When paired with accessories such as wide headscarves in the same wild patterns, and sunglasses with round lenses, the collection feels like it was specially created for the modern metropolitan hippy. Cosmopolitan, colourful and airy-light, the essence of hippy-chic is reinterpreted in a modern manner. If you enjoy extravagant yet lightweight fashion, then Miranda Konstaninidou is definitely your go-to label for the summer!

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