Michael Sontag is pretty much a household name to those immersed in the German fashion scene. With his consistently recognisable yet dynamically developing style, we’ve come to expect inspiring shows every season. A quick look at his current S/S 15 line allows me to recognise several distinctive elements of his style. He truly has an exceptionally good hand for casual and avant-garde cuts.

Loose, refined and with a puristic touch, together with a feeling for zeitgeist and the longing for an avant-garde nonchalance – he has thoroughly proven his skills in this arena. Furthermore, I can’t help but notice the dramatic undertone. Tightly gelled hair and shaded illuminations give the many black designs a certain edge. But of course, there are also many colorful pieces that are worth their price, such as the different damped blue, yellow, and fiery red pieces in the collection. However, the best thing about this collection is nonetheless the versatility. Thanks to its clear cuts and the minimalistic style, the creations are as suited for everyday life as they are for making a dramatic appearance at an event.

Don’t get me wrong, this look isn’t for everybody – if you’re one for figure hugging dresses, then I would suggest you look somewhere else. But if you’re a staunch lover of a somewhat androgynous style, then you’ve come to exactly the right place. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Tilda Swinton and get to live out your own Oscar moment – and in a Michael Sontag design no less!

More Information: www.mbfashionweek.com