This fall and winter, power and wild eccentricity awaits us! Maison Margiela‘s newest collection seems to be specially created for the sophisticated and worldly woman. Long coats, wide leather jackets, tough vests and thrilling forms represent the features of this wild, yet balanced label. A contrasting lime green and delicate pastel grey-blue join eye-catching red-and-white or black-and-white combinations. Even the cuts vary from tight designs over restrained turtlenecks to big and loose rounded collars (which have been integrated into wide sports jackets.) Every woman can now discover her own personal showpiece!

Suede, exciting combinations and vigorous cuts and shapes create an atmosphere of strength and independence, all the while adding a touch of clockwork orange. Wide waist belts, unique prints and transparent features meet the partly masculine cuts in harmonious mash-ups.

The label also plays with eye-catching oversized sleeves that hang to the tip of one’s fingers – they seem to interconnect one’s entire body with fabric. Maison Margiela always has something hidden up their sleeve (literally!) Their upcoming fall and winter collection 2015 certainly has rather a lot to offer!


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