With his new fall/winter collection 2015, Mads Dinesen has yet again cleared a path through the crowd of convention, bringing new ideas to light at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Born in Denmark, the young designer founded his successful and highly acclaimed fashion label in Berlin in 2010. He hopes to break down the barriers of conditional ideals of beauty and sexuality, and this aspiration reveals itself in the unisex designs of this collection: the borderline separating femininity and masculinity is no more.

Black and white dominates long, buttoned blouses, coats, jackets, dresses and skirts. Muted colors are often marked by clear patterns and saucy, unique cuts. For example, the front side of a shirt could be high-necked and buttoned to the top, while the back has a huge cutout design that reveals a great deal of skin. The sturdy materials of the coats that keep us warm fall from a wide, round collar. They are kept in clear black or sharp zigzag patterns that remind us of Aztec prints.

With his creations standing proudly at the focal point between avant-garde and bold ready-to-wear fashion, Mads Dinesen is keeping his finger on the pulse of Berlin’s pop culture. The title of his newest collection demands: “So shed your skin”. That won’t be too difficult, and we have the sophisticated buttoned cuts to thank for that, as they allow us to decide just how much of ourselves we want to reveal in public. Transform cold seasons into periods of superb indulgence with Mads Dinesen’s opaque coats, light and transparent skirts and patterns.

More Info: www.madsdinesen.com