This fall and winter season 2015, coming to us from the exciting city of Paris, Maison Margiela presents a men’s collection for the self-confident male. The label stays true to its reputation, delivering on its promises of brave, visionary and outré designs. Leather and strength come together with femininity and delicate patterns, and the designs of the collection run the gamut from haute couture to ready-to-wear.

The upcoming collection is dominated by black, white and soft brown shades, and receives accentuation with its strong red shades, as well as lemon yellow and sky blue. One can now throw on a tapered coat made of sturdy leather, and lope out of the house into the snow without any worries. One could also simply combine the coat with a deep violet-colored Flokati jacket, or the light shirt with expressionism-inspired patterns. Maison Margiela offers a bit of everything!

The label has a knack for designs with saucy and rare color combinations, pairing them with witty cuts: for example, a long light beige and greyish sports jacket vest meets a luscious violet sweater with gold printed zigzag patterns. Any trained eye would sparkle with approval upon sweeping over them. The boundaries between haute couture and daily look have been successfully blurred, and you can now easily combine the different styles to create the perfect outfit for any occasion. Maison Margiela also enjoys experimenting with masculine and edged shapes as well as with loose, feminine cuts and soft colors and patterns. Stereotypical roles have been knocked out of place, immediately bringing the word unisex to mind. How fabulous! Certainly a must-have for 2015.

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