Boho Chic is officially back!

Grab your fur boots and vests – ethno-inspired looks are currently all the rage! As far as Anna Sui is concerned, let us all embrace our Nordic side this fall 2015.

The renowned designer is the exact opposite of an advocate for rigidity or reservation: as somebody who loves creating fabulous and colorful ethno-fashion outfits, her pieces all exude an unbelievable urbane and casual charm. The combination of a rather laid-back design with luxurious and impressive fabrics (like fur) gives rise to a certain dynamic, which you can see mirrored in her outfits. Paired with an especially vigorous gait, this dynamic comes into full bloom. This certainly goes to show that you can indeed show who’s boss while wearing a floral dress. When paired with a long and soft lions mane, the dress evolves into a full-blown trend outfit.

Although vastly colorful and wildly patterned Boho fashion is not exactly my cup of tea, I have to admit that the fashion line for the fall of 2015 really speaks to me. It radiates a kind of nonchalance that seems to be made specifically for the lively streets of New York City or Berlin. Boho Chic is a rather unique style: its structured to its core, but it manages never to appear artificial or off-putting. It’s casual and happy-go-lucky!

Who would say no to that? Get on your feet and embrace the Nordic Bohemian look!

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