Uniqueness, recognition value and the highest possible quality: these things are what Italian label Aglini is all about. The pieces and sophisticated designs of the brand arise from a mature approach to the products and the inspiration of the classic Italian shirt. Standalone and striking individual pieces with eccentric-inspired details are the conclusion.

Spring 2015, “Primavera”, once again walks the path of the stylish, the classically chic and the sophisticatedly refined. Classy shirts build up the men’s collection, which imparts certain je ne sais quoi to every gentleman with its partly gentle, partly rugged-looking fabrics. Available in nude and timeless white, the delicate fabric caresses the skin pleasantly. During the colorful days of spring, the shirt with the leaves and floral design fits itself perfect to the mood of heated city streets. In a dark denim look, it always looks lovely, even on windy days. In addition to these wonderfully refined pieces, Aglini also likes to play with fine and detailed embroidery, a detail that adorns the bright shirts from the new collection.

Spring remains classic for the ladies too. Once again we encounter the denim look, but this time in a distressed style on a stylish, wide ladies shirt. Leaves and flowers can be found embedded within the intricate patterns on a light satin blouse – perfect for the espresso macchiato under the midday sun. Aglini also provides the lady with a transparent yet opaque satin t-shirt for the hot weather.

With its classic style, the spring collection certainly stays true to the brand.

Source & copyright: www.aglini.com