Safia Minney is the woman behind the artist’s palette at People Tree, a fair trade label. Their contemporary fashion scores points not only for your wardrobe, but also for your karma. The design scheme revolves around a tender feminine structure that draws on classical beauty.

Eco-friendly fashion is presented with all its different facets, having been explored from the roots upwards. The line deals with everything necessary for a woman’s wardrobe, thus replacing conventional labels. For every piece there is both a basic and a special version.

This collection has everything the heart desires. Simple shapes and soft patterns ensure these creations are the perfect choice for your everyday look. Quality, comfort and the feel-good setiment are to be found in every piece of clothing. Feminine basic forms are stripped off redundant details, and they dominate the image, which is kept in simple colors.

This is how the body-shaping pencil skirt, the skater skirt and the t-shirt will become the walking advertisement for a woman’s wardrobe. A subtle feature of the collection is the prints, and lovely trinkets on the outfit then round off the entire look.

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