Romance was Born“ is a fashion brand from Australia that focuses on the peculiarity of Australian nature. The new collection, “Bush Magic ‘15″, reflects the grace of the Outback. This paradisical environment where nature lies undisturbed by mankind is now a backdrop for fashion.

Modern and vintage silhouettes are lovingly paired together. Blouse dresses, skater dresses, blouses, shirts, flared trousers, t-shirts and skirts meet sweatshirts, jogging pants and shorts. The forms of individual pieces appear uncompromising and meaningful. Through the intensive follow-up and structuring of a design idea, lines are ultimately created: if the emphasis lies on the shoulders, let them appear in a voluminous style; if it lies on linearness, we can throw curvatures right out the window.

The prints, which justify the name of the collection, are equally uncompromising. Floral and botanical motifs beauty pieces in numerous executions. In ever-new colours, natural prints meet one another. Similarly, flower appliques give the box-shaped dress an organic feeling.

This collection kidnaps its wearers and viewers into a distant world far far away from turbulent big cities. Let us pay tribute to nature in a sporty-feminine manner!

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