This summer it’s all about colors for Linda Förstner’s label Uneins. Yet, she still sticks to her typical clear structures. Straight chic is interpreted in a youthful way, being completed by trendy elegance just in time for the warm season. The German-born, Helsinki-based designer integrates Scandinavian coolness and boldness into her creations.

Straight and clear lines flatter the wearer’s feminine side. I especially like the mixture of restrained, classic and unusual pieces that give rise to harmonious outfits. They are neither too much nor too little; they are neither too loud nor too soft. Instead, they represent balanced styles and set a shining example: each look expresses stylistic assurance while avoiding being uptight or monotonous.

Linda always has an eye upon her label’s identity and its clear lines. They are symbols of modern times. One-of-a-kind oversized models are cleverly added to the collection. Beige, black and white shades intensify the linearity while emphasizing the strength of the look. However, it’s the print models that play the main role – thanks to their great combinations with classic basics, they simply show themselves to good advantage.

The prints speak of their own stories, just like reflections in water.

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