Still looking for a matching accessory for the summer? Then I’ve got just the right thing for you. Eve & Adis‘ backpacks are for big and small adventures, and they are unrivalled in their individuality. Their unisex bags are exactly the eye catcher that your wardrobe is missing out on.

Their latest line comprises a small selection of backpacks and bags, all made from wild combinations of fabric and leather. The forms are as simple as they are refined; a myriad of details coming together to give them an extraordinary look to the myriad of details. A further advantage of these models is the generous amount of space they offer for your personal belongings.

As pertaining to the colour, you’ve got some choices: the first is black, the second is a batik-mixture of black and white. Additionally available is an option in black or brown leather, which strengthens the form and provides an optical wow!-effect. Here, simplicity offers a modern minimalism, the very kind that can be observed in all metropolises around the world.

Comfort, quality and uniqueness: these are the top 3 reasons to go with a trendy backpack from Eve & Adis!

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