Since its establishment in 1996, the goal of Deby Debo‘s style has always been clear: original fashion whose orientation is not based on others, thus allowing it to sparkle with individuality. In the process of acheiving that aim, various genres are often even mixed together. The founders Cedric and Deborah Allouche are currently supported by David Page. The summer collection 2015 highlights the beauty of the woman and presents her individual personality to the world.

Casual and ethnic looks meet in front of a summer background, resulting in a unique outfit that really sets the mood. Boyfriend-jeans, embroidered tunics or chic hippie crop-tops all of speak of a casual lifestyle. Here you will discover leisure and festival trends, all of which persuasively beckon you to relax. I find the jumpsuit with batik elements particularly enchanting.

With its sporty and romantic influences, the collection appears perfectly poised to break one’s heart. The bright, delicately soft color scheme brings us into a land of dreams. White, rose and baby blue are the main players in this little game and can be newly discovered in various forms. From the laced miniskirt to the sequined top, new favourites are tantalisingly revealed.

The collection flatters one’s femininity all too fantastically, and has certainly stolen my attention! I am certain that every one of you will fall for at least one piece in this line – we women are simply powerless against the pull of such attractive forces. Want more? Then visit the Premium Berlin and join in the party with Deby Debo!

Copyright and source: http://shop.debydebo.fr