Dias, Helder, Matthew and Ramiro: these are the names responsible for the founding of the label Dielmar. These four tailors brought the label to life in 1965, building it up into a figurehead of the traditional art of tailoring. Even today, the traditional handicraft remains a point of focus, and will continue to be so. Dielmar has long been a pioneer of men’s fashion in Portugal, and has since expanded its outreach to 25 other countries.

Dielmar’s new collections focus on the many facets of the suit, illustrating one simple fact: a suit remains the undisputed number one for numerous situations in life. Some creations are simple, others artistic or casual. Amongst other things, the diverse color palettes contribute to the wide range of variations, as well as the disparate materials used.

Solid, soft, delicate and rigid textiles play a part in the collection. The favourite colours of this season are blue and brown, and these can be found in many different shades. Individual pieces set themselves apart from others through checkered patterns. Later, they come together again in the manifestation of a harmonious outfit.

My favourite feature is the coupling of various colour tones, lending the suits a casual look. This is especially so when the pleated pants are replaced by a normal pair of trousers. Even the sakko has turned casual, due to the trendy patches on its elbows. The collection is aimed towards the classical man who loves and lives fashion.

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