In 1974, Mauro Sani founded a dainty shoe label with the goal of creating the best riding boots in the world. Up until today, it has been based in Italy – or to more be precise – in Tuscany. There, Mauro Sani’s descendants continue his work producing jackboots and other shoes. To me, they are reminiscent of a modern Western style.

The cowboy look reunites the best of the region. High quality materials are manually transformed into shoes. Since its conception, Buttero has always stood for quality and individuality. Aside from riding boots, traditional cowboy boots are also available. They are rife not merely with comfort and functionality, but also with style.

Additionally, Buttero has now extended their collections to also offer sneakers and business shoes. However, my favorite piece is the man’s lace-up boot, because of its harsh material. The marked and masculine design, which is dominated by leather, has allowed this shoe to become a pioneering trend. The Buttero Sneaker is also defined by the leather used in its creation, and and stands out with its massive sole.

The women’s line contains thrilling and versatile designs: aside from the fringed cowboy boots, a large selection of all kinds of shoes is also available. Chelsea boots and booties are as prominent as sandals and sneakers. With the exception of the sandals and sneakers, the colors of all models are kept natural. My favourite showpiece is the futuristic mix of a sneaker and sandal. It’s an utterly eye-catching shoe that guarantees its own uniqueness!

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