Fashion News 2015

Bonne Maison is a very special brand that I’ve already talked about before. Now, they’ve finally released their new designs – and you definitely shouldn’t miss out on them. As a quick reminder: Bonne Maison is a label purely for socks. Especially with regards to statement socks, this piece of clothing has become more and more important in today’s fashion world. Trendsetters around the world accentuate their looks with colorful and extravagant socks, combining them in many different ways.

Socks are not only functional – they also serve as accessories for a suit, a mini-skirt or even rolled-up jeans. As statement pieces, they can add a refreshing splash of color! Bonne Maison engages its fans with refreshing creations that you’ve surely never seen before.

From knee socks to anklets; from colorful, patterned pieces to floral, dotted, striped or geometrical designs: are you thinking about changing, refining, accentuating or revamping your look? Why not check out their new designs?

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