Bellerose mingles urban style with a romantic country-look, resulting in modern fashion. Casual, bohemian and streetwear elements come together and are wildly mixed. The result can be described in one phrase: super-relaxed! This pioneering Bellerose-look is available not just for women, for also for men.

Let’s start with the women’s collection for spring and summer 2015. With a huge mix of different styles that shouldn’t be pigeonholed, it will surprise many. Romantic summer dresses can be found right next to overalls and an olive green parka. This look expresses comfort and self-assertiveness at a high level. Flowing and voluminous cuts as well as soft fabrics define the casual, feminine image of an open-minded, friendly personality.

My favorite combination consists of the floor-length skirt and the casual boxy jacket. Of course, we can’t leave out the trendy denim look, which appears between combination of urban trends and the romantic countryside. On the other hand, we have a men’s collection that unifies the surfer style with an urban atmosphere. Flower-power-patterns, denim and the wild meld into each other perfectly.

In 1989, Bellerose started their first t-shirt line, which served as the foundation for their current designs. Lovely pieces for kids can also be found alongside the male and female collections. Bellerose – it’s the look for the entire family.

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