For more than 25 years, Alex Monroe has been designing jewellery! His label is located in England, more precisely in London. There, he produces delicate masterpieces which are not only absolutely gorgeous, but also the guarantee for a breath-taking appearance. The jewellery refines the casual look as well as the extravagant outfit and is definitely the perfect piece for many of you.

All the pieces are made up till now in the London Studio by hand. For that, the team makes use of traditional handicraft techniques which guarantee the high quality. Through the incomparable design, the jewellery pieces have made it to the entire world – they are offered in numerous shops all around the globe.

Alex Monroe loves the nature and this is the foundation for his work. Botanic and floral motifs, but also motifs from the animal kingdom dominates the repertoire. Insects, a golden apple with silvery seed or a flowering vine adorns the delicate chains as pendants. Rings and arm bands display rabbits, feathers, butterflies and leaves, while earrings bear flowery motifs.

The nature-bound jewellery is designed in seductive gold. The pieces are uniquely delicate in their structure and thus brings the best of femininity into the spotlight.

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