Boy, have I got some news for you. Bobby Abley, the fashion brand that has already inspired so many men through its vibrant look, now has a new winter collection. The impressive street style visible through the casual hip-hop design is absolutely amazing. Masculine and sporty fashion receives a new, youthful character through the cheeky comic-prints, and the result is refreshing many times over.

Bobby Abley: this means spontaneity, humour, versatility, variety of colours and fun. Here, fashion is newly discovered, urbanely interpreted and viewed with a twinkling eye. This goes particularly so for the newest collection for winter and summer! Here, the look plays around with volume and feminine influences (in the form of midriff tops) and of course, as earlier mentioned, the typical comic prints. For example, why not a winter skater-jacket with bananas dancing all over it?

No matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with a comparable label, one that has an equal ability to play around with different forms. Hard and soft, as well as voluminous and delicate silhouettes meet one another. On top of that, the winter collection contains many layered looks, thus achieving some untouchable designs, all of which contain many surprises and discoveries.

Bobby Abley knows exactly what he wants and has, since 2012, been a breath fresh air in the international fashion market. His special talent lies undoubtedly in his ability to play with numerous effects, including ruffles and overlays. He has combined earth tones and simple black with neon-yellow, bright red and tempting turquoise tones. All I can say is, wow!

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