Well, winter definitely does not mean that we have to veil ourselves in thick coats and neutral colors, which the fall and winter 2015 fashion show by the traditional and iconic Italian brand Prada shows. The collection makes clear that luscious colors are absolutely welcomed in the colder seasons as well. The delicate and girly-appearing designs which impress with a magnificent color blocking style are predicting a very colorful and cheerful winter. Sweet pastel shades clash with earthy nuances including brown, dulled tones. Furthermore, the clearly structured contours and waisted, feminine cuts truly remind us of the 60ies and they make me think of Andy Warhol’s film “Kitchen”.

The collection is additionally characterized by layered structures and truly convinces with a multitude of details. Looking at the collection, I first caught sight of Prada’s sweet side, but then it dawned to me that, behind the sweet façade, hides a very tough, self-confident woman who is not afraid of wearing rather daring color combinations and eye-catching colors like mustard yellow!

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