Julian Zigerli Lets the hearts of male and female Berliners leap for joy because the designer is dragging his fashion through various spheres and connects different styles with each other. Without hesitation and fear, the designer keeps on walking his path, presenting fashion which is simply breathtaking. Of course, this fact makes him one of the protagonists of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin where he is presenting is new collections. Today, I am going to introduce you to his fall and winter collection 2015/2016 and the “all-time favorites”.

The absolutely well-made combination of laid-back design, graphical elements and sporty highlights just proves that this designer succeeded in establishing himself as a renowned fashion creator on the German fashion market. The main pieces of the line are t-shirts and sweaters which truly have the potential to be your favorite piece for spicing up your everyday life through magnificent purism. Black, white or grey go hand in hand with bright red. Sophisticated eye catchers come in the shape of extraordinary prints and round off the design beautifully.

Extravagance on the other hand seems to be the main aspect of the winter collection. Very powerful design elements become one and give birth to a very expressive and capturing fashion line. Indeed, such a fashion collection is fully capable of chasing away the tristesse of the winter. Cheerful colors, patterns and metallic elements turn the collection into a masterpiece. Here, the designer, too, connects sporty design with casual wear. If it was up to him, jogging pants should be an essential in everyday fashion, as they provide you with a unique, laid-back look. In general you can say, that oversize designs are what makes Julian Zigerli’s fashion so incredible – no matter whether it’s an oversize rain poncho or a pair of loose-fit jogging pants.

Julian Zigerli – Fashion which is a pleasure to wear

Copyright: http://www.julianzigerli.com/, (Pictures by Jonas Hegi, Starring Nadine Strittmatter and Sebastian Zigerli, Styling by Julian Zigerli, Hair and Makeup by Rachel Bredy)