There is nothing like a combination between tradition and modernity in the fashion world. Perhaps it is not to everyone’s taste, but the variety that has acquired inspirations from the ethnic and regional styles is undeniable. In the case of the Cruise 2016 line of the Singapore-based label Ong Shunmugam, the traditional aspects are rather slightly hinted. Through that, it retains its modern appearance and feels very youthful and fresh.

Even the glowing colours underline this. Soft pastel shades and intensive cobalt-blue feels summery and alert. On the whole, the creations appear like a spring-like flower bouquet in full bloom. A classily patterned combination of casual-cut pants in culotte style and a matching boxy top with a high collar feels like a modern interpretation of its roots. The collars and the loose cuts give the ensemble a modern yet conservative look at the same time. And both the little stripe of skin between the top and pants and the culottes are trendy and stylistic.

An impression – one which the entire debut line of the designer arouses in me. Feminine and fancy, perfect for the worldly, modern woman who embodies a classical, stylish and progressive look. If you fall into this category, then Ong Shunmugam is but ideal for you! The new pastel-pieces will also be presented at the Singapore Fashion Week.

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