Brilliantly with a silky touch, the midnight-blue wrap dress made of a mix of satin and silk envelopes the model’s body. The colour feels reserved but strong and rich like a starless night sky. A lightly curved V-neckline provides an in-depth look and an asymmetrically cut hemline which continues further towards the back provides leg space. The dress seems to be a little inspired by Kimonos and with its cuts and the fabric used, it has something inherently elegant yet intimate.

The creations of the Australian designer Dion Lee mirrors a strong woman-image. In his designs, the wearers radiate an incredible strength and femininity. They cannot be intimidated even in male domains, are aware of their womanly attractiveness and know how to make use of it. Especially the white dress in a blazer-like style makes the intensity of his style significant. The very sharp-edged shapes reminds me of the ragged, organic silhouettes of icy glaciers.

In his A/W 15 line, the designer lets the model stride down the runway like modern amazons in a puristic and dynamic style. In them, his passion and fever for fashion and his ability to sense of the wishes of many modern, young women are made clear. I must say that I am personally also a big fan of monochromatic styles and am thus charmed by Dion Lee’s creations. Are you of the same opinion?

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