London is well-known for having everything somehow different from what one is usually used to. As such, I have bumped into this really cute kidswear-brand, Beep.  Here, the fashion is still a real handicraft, as the designer makes everything herself. From drawing the models and printing the patterns all the way to sewing the parts together, everything lies in Carolin Zoll’s hands.

What began as a small project turned out to be a great challenge. Because although the German designer who had previously designed clothes for great sportswear brands has much experience in her work, there are also new things to be learnt, such as printing on the fabrics. From there, one knows for a start just how much love and effort lies in every single piece of clothing!  Carolin makes sure that everything comes from the region. The materials come from England and the printing company is located in London.

Even she herself is living with her husband in London since years ago and is delighted with the city; only the fashion of the kids were not to her liking. To her, the kids’ fashion here is too drab, boring or simply not appropriate for children. In her opinion, kids should look like kids and not like small adults, which is how Beep saw the light of the day. And she is absolutely right! While it can be cute for a 2-year-old boy to wears shirts and pullovers, one should never play without considering the losses.

The designer has placed the first collection of her 10-month-young project starting the end of January online for sale and the results speaks for themselves. For children from 0 to 24 months old, blankets, romper suits, shirts and many more are available for sale. Having colourful motifs and being made of robust materials, the clothes are really great for playing and rollicking about.

With that, wouldn’t one wish to be a kid again? Find out and take a look at the wonderful items of Beep Kidswear online.

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