Hey Beauties!

Welcome back to our weekly manicure hour on Readthetrieb.
Today I planned on showing you how to get those coral nails witht a punched out heart as an amazing eye catcher. So stay tuned!


What you will need:


1x coral polish
1x white polish
1x cotton swap
1x brush or dotting tool


Step 1
Take your base color out and let’s get started, shall we? I used a very bold coral color called “Sunday Funday” by Essie for todays’ look. Please paint all of your nails with regard to leave out the accent nail, mine was the ring finger, until the very end.

Step 2
In the next step, color that exact nail in and immediately go over it with a cotton swap dipped in nail polish remover. Due to the still wet polish the punching out of the heart should not be that difficult. Just take the cotton swap and form your heart by removing the polish.

Step 3
It should look a little bit like the third picture. The heart is best placed in the very center of the nail. 

Step 4
The fourth and last step is achieved by using a brush or a dotting tool in combination with a white polish. Take those tools and trace the heart to make it a little bit more noticeable. Just outline the heart and you should be good and done for today.

I really hope you liked that look. See you tomorrow for Tip Tuesday!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

 Image Rights: Readthetrieb