With casual steps, Kendal Jenner walks across the glass-smooth black runway. Since last year, the reality star with the timelessly elegant face and graceful body is famous even among the designers. This goes just as well for the Belgian-American designer Diane von Fürstenberg. The model wears one of Fürstenberg’s famous wrap dresses. With the conservative lengths of the hem and sleeves and the innocent white design, it could seem pretty conservative. But a deep neckline and a cutting that fits tightly on the upper body makes it appear nonchalant, elegant and timelessly sexy. This appears to be a specialty of Diane von Fürstenberg. An all-black combination of a cape-blazer and a playsuit with laces inserted on the sides appears to be inspired by the classical suit-cut. This gives rise to a playful and classical look that feels daring at the same time. With these creations, I somehow have to think of festive nights in luxurious lounge clubs. In any case, they feel very socially-compatible with their combination of sexiness and business style. All creations of the collections seem to simply scream of the classy femme fatale. The vivid colours and cuttings in luxurious fabrics give the wearer a mysterious, elegantly wicked aura. All heads are sure to be turned to those wearing these creations. And who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

Copyright and Source: http://singaporefashionweek.com.sg/ , http://www.dvf.com/