What can be nicer than a wardrobe with perfectly combinable parts? A gentle light blue reminds one of a calm, cloudy sky on warm, spring days. A deep, pure Prussian and royal blue embodies a lavish, wild sea and the pure white from the breaking wave to the white limestone. The current collection, Tomo III., by the label Trista belongs to its premium line, Simple.  And simple is the right word throughout. The creations are made with a loosely and boxily cut, puristic style. Various shades of blue and white gives a summery and maritime effect. The simple cuttings and small colour palettes make it easy for the wearers to combine the pieces with one another. And who wouldn’t want that? I personally belong to the group of people who greatly appreciate an uncomplicated wardrobe for the everyday outfits. It is simply time-saving. And despite the minimalism, the collection is not too simple thanks to its subtle details and lightly sculptural yet clear cuts. In addition, interesting contrasts are also generated by the materials used. Leather, wild leather and denim prevent a too monotonous and simple appearance of the collection. With that, both the men’s and the women’s collections feel puristic and are held in a streetwear-inspired sporty, luxurious style. For those who already like monochromatic and simple styles, this collection is just your dessert. I can imagine all too well the creations with simple kicks or sandals on casually sporty men and women. If you are one of them, then Trista is the perfect choice for you!

Copyright and Source: http://trista.com.mx/ , http://fashionweek.mx/