Hey Beauties.

Since I’ve been reviewing a lot of collections lately, I thought why not bring a nice pocket review into the mix.

Today’s gem: MAC’s Soft & Gentle Highlighter

This bad boy is one hyped highlighter and the hype is well deserved. MAC’s MSFs or Mineralize Skinfishes to use the correct term are part of the sought after products MAC has.

Soft & Gentle is a beautiful champagne beige with a frosted finish. The color applies true-to-pan, which essential means: You get what you see! The glitter is visible when applied and does emphasize pores but not too drastically.

I usually apply it on my cheekbones and a little bit on the high points of my face, so nose and forehead.

It is honestly one of the most beautiful highlighters I own and that’s saying something because I am obsessed with highlighters. It gives you the most beautiful sheen during the day and on a night out I typically put a couple of layers to make those cheekbones really pop.

It retails for 32€ in Germany but it lasts for absolutely ages. It doesn’t get any hotter than this!

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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