Step 1: Use a white eyeliner (by Inglot) to create a line on the outer corners of your eyes, that follows your lower lash line. Draw another line in your crease and connect it with the first line.

Step 2: Create a pointy shape in the inner corners of your eyes using that same eyeliner and from there drag the product slightly into your lower lash line.

Step 3: Take a whit eyeshadow base (NYX Jumbo Pencil in ‚Milk’) and apply it on the inner part of the space you just created. Blend it out towards the outer part.

Step 4: Now use a light pink eyeshadow (‚Cupcake’ by Makeup Geek) on the outer part of your lid and blend it in with the white product.

Step 5: Create little dots along the rest of your lower lash line using the white liner again.

Step 6: Lastly use some black mascara on your upper lashes.

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