Born and based in Serbia, designer Tamara Radivojevic, realises her futuristically-inspired visions through her avant-garde designs. The creations are expressive and filled to the brim with energy. They radiate a highly expressive and powerful vivacity that wraps itself around the wearer.

Tamara Radivojevic acquired her masterful skill of combining her designs into interesting outfits during her time at the Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design in London. Upon her graduation from the internationally recognised university, she returned to Belgrade and founded her very own label. Since then, she has steadily attracted more and more attention with her collections. Her style involves features such as avant-garde cuttings in a mixture of soft, organic and geometric forms. The contrasting opposites are played around with, and not only in this field. Mixtures of patterns and a play of figure-hugging and wide-cut parts are frequently represented. An overall dark colour palette further reinforces the strong look.

This results in a self-confident, strong and expressive style: it gives both men and women an avant-garde edgy vibe that doesn’t feel too zealous. Instead, the outfits have a nonchalant and easy-going way of looking cool. This, in my opinion, fits wonderfully in a casual city like Berlin. So ladies and gentlemen, take another look at the collections by Tamara Radivojevi! The best way is to catch them live at the Belgrade Fashion Week from 24th – 30th April 2015.

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