Doda Komad is, at the same time, the label and the artist-name of Gordana Komad Arsenijevic. The designer graduated in 1979 from the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade where she also has a professorship. Up till now, her labels have brought her a great deal of national and international attention. This is mainly due to her unique and very distinctive style. Her collections are indeed different, but the style that she has developed over the years is easily recognisable. Between wealth and poverty, the creations of the designer have a look which feels similar to a remake of a classical or even rural design.  Some are elegant dresses from a style that seems to originate from another era, some are simply-cut dresses combined into a layered look with blouses made of course materials. Even the many different headdresses such as scarves and hats provide for a retro look. On the whole, the creations appear to be inspired by past epochs. Nevertheless, they are kept rather modern with regards to their cuts and colours. Details such as asymmetry and artistic draping provide for a modern update and give the style an interesting character. This is difficult to be explained in words, so you will have to convince yourselves of the label and designer, Doda Komad!

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