Black’D is a label whose name also tells you quite the story. All Black Everything – that’s the motto of the label. The New York City based brand by Dejan Despotovic is more on the darker side. It is held completely in black and contains a lot of leather but also chiffon – I’d call it a New Age Gothic Look. The Serbia born designer created his very first independent collection in 2006 after having designed for a multitude of TV and fashion shows for a couple of years. Today, he’s experiencing quite the fame in America. The mysterious look filled with dark melancholia has a lot of followers. I personally adore the leather creations. Take for instance the leather coats in a bondage style or the bags that scream coolness and rebellion. There’s this crossbody bag with the fitting name: Vampire Bag. The flap represents a female upper lip with oversized fangs that almost cover up the stitched chevron pattern underneath. That’s definitely a statement piece that belongs in every bag collection of all courageous fashionistas out there. The new Black’D collection will be part of the Belgrade Fashion Week in April. Get ready for dark and individual pieces!


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