Collections by designer Marianna Fassler are extravagant and colorful. She designs gorgeous patterned pieces for her label Leopard Frock. The looks stand for a bold, fun-loving philosophy of life and I get the feeling that Marianne Fassler is an advocate for individuality and creativity. Her creations really stand out what with all of the colors and patterns and on top of that, they embody a certain kind of edginess. Leopard Frock has undoubtedly a recognition value without being unilaterally. This was once again palpable at MBFW Joburg.

The designer always made sure to constantly update both her technique and workmanship, which explains why her patterns are so diverse. Some are true to the label’s name held in leopard and some are for instance held in a batik pattern. Creativity has no limits here. So it does not come as a surprise that the designer even masters bridal wear – the supreme discipline in the fashion world.

Voluptuous dreams made out of tulle or softly embroidered, almost fairy-like dresses are in her repertoire. Those dresses all show her experiences and versatility.

That is how I know that her fashion shows have to be quite the experience. The powerful ethno prints by the Johannesburg based South African designer are symbols of pride: the pride of her cultural background. And that is essentially how her creations work, Marianne Fasslers fashion keeps the wearer down-to-earth whilst invigorating them.

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